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  1. yeah so far, it looks great. having some trouble getting my head around some parts of it, and havent managed to get into space yet, but ill get there and I'll see you out there
  2. Hey & welcome, im a compelte noob here too, why can you not download the game ?
  3. Hey guys Welcome, Im new here too. Recently got involved and have been fumbling my way around what looks to be an amazing game.
  4. Hi All Just getting involved with DU, & have been watching it for a long time. I'm prettly much an old timer, and have been playing games for .." a while now" Looking forward to seeing what DU has to offer. I am based in Ireland, and can be found on most platforms as Darkstar_IE. I love Sci Fi, and space games, having played the original Elite back in the 80''s & also made Elite on Elite Dangerous. Also played some Eve, and a few other MMO's (Wow, Guild Wars2, SWTOR to name a few). Looking forward to meeting you guys in game. Take care, Darkstar.
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