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  1. feel like a very bad idea

    if you believe this way you can protect yourself against 200+man raiding your city/outpost then consider if alone you can build 1 turret then they gonna build 10 turret even if they are limited per city they gonna have plenty of them

    you can't win a 1v10 fight with or without automated defense nothing will change if you want protection join a big group

  2. 8 hours ago, Knives Wolfwood said:

    1 to even own any area is going to cost you a lot to even build a Territory Unit


    2 i am 100% sure to have vulnerability timer/Shield timer you will need to put in fuel


    3 if you own a Territory Unit i am sure there will be a tax on it


    4 in less a Territory has a lot of a rare ore it might not be worth putting down a Territory do to all the cost. might dig into the profit to much.


    5 have you ever been under raid in eve ? it is a nightmare to move your stuff out of your base after you lost that first timer cuz you are being camped hard 24/7 i know first hand being in brave being hunted by pl 


    6 automated mining will make the ores worth nothing in the long term, giving new players no good way to make money.if new people cant play you will be shooting yourself in the foot. you need new blood for the health of the game.


    7 if mining ore in this game is a money faucet i am 100% sure we will have money sinks like the one i said in #3 as well as market taxes these sinks will help control  inflation .


    8 you want to be a pvp and not loot to make money? i think you might be doing it wrong. you might have to farm a few time but i am sure you will take on smart targets with good odds like maybe 1vs 8, and yes i sure you will lose stuff once in awhile as a pvp but im sure when you dont there will be high rewards


    9 i never payed rent to mine in eve , maybe join a corp that does not f you over.in fact my corp help protected miners for free even at the cost of get blown up.



    seem like you don't play Eve anymore, before they remove it from the game the moon mining was exclusively for alliance or in some rare case for important people (FC CEA VIP...) to reward them, the money was only used in alliance asset and SRP, people fight to get the better moon, everyday, but now in Eve no one fight for them because they can't afford to mine them, soo what happen ? well people don't blow their ship in order to get those moon that create inflation (rorqual mining + skill injector don't help either)

    for your point 1 2 3 4 be sure money / ressource isn't a problem for bigger group if they want something they take it, i'v played enough survival game to understand that, that don't work

    5, no it's not, in Eve in order to move your shit you just undock with a carrier with everything you have in cargo and jump out, if you don't have a carrier/JF people help you moving your stuff, but in wormhole it's true, you can be "blocked" and forced to "insurance fraud" (self destruct your own ship in order to earn the insurance) and for small stuff get in a ship with everything inside and warp to a safe spot / disconnect in space before they destroy your citadel and stole everything

    6 maybe, maybe not, i'm pretty sure it's the opposite people gonna fight for them and destroy this money from the game, but with hand-farm they don't need to fight for mineral just like Eve, if they can't afford to mine (need more people) they just gonna sit and wait someone attack them, probably gonna go to war 1month/6 nothing more, like Eve

    7 true but that's game balance we can't predict what gonna happen, maybe i'm totally wrong maybe not

    8 DU is more Hardcore than Eve, you can raid people and stole everything, in a fight you can even rob their ship why i'm gonna mine ? pvp seem more fun than sucking some rock or creating some stupid cities who gonna blow up anyway

    9 i don't i just mine for my alliance when they call a CTB (call to barge) cause we need this money in order to get SRP as a small alliance, but mining take us a lot of time we have plenty of moons but far less people mining them, we are a "pvp focused alliance" we have some krab but everyone just want to fight and i'm pissed because we can stole big ass moon from other alliance but we don't cause if we do we would need to mine them, thats why i want automated mining in Eve and DU, i want to fight i don't want to farm

  3. On 7/20/2019 at 5:34 AM, yamamushi said:


    No. Please, No.

    At this point you may as well be asking to just buy our resources from NQ with cash.

    If you're really burning through ships and supplies that fast, that's a you problem, not an economy/gameplay problem.


    Just with what we know about PvP there a problem already, you can't kill farmers just raid their base protected by a "vulnerability timer" or a shield thats the "big problem" not automated mining facility with a poor yield / can be easily destroyed, a miner just gonna create a base dig below and farm all day without any problem move their shit when no one is around creating inflation and you can't do anything about that

    but okay, if pvper can't farm we just gonna take "farmers" and offer them our "protection" after we raid their base and stole everything, personally i don't care i'm not a sheep if we can't have automated mining we just gonna take slaves

    (vulnerability timer/Shield isn't a problem of course, "raid-off" is cancer AF)

  4. i would really like to see a form of "automated mining" cause as a pvper i don't want to farm X hours just to build something i'm gonna explode 30m later, and it force pvper alliance to become an overlord with many "carebear farmers" pretty much like "renters" in Eve online and it's not a "fun" gameplay, even if the automated mining facility need to be defended (can't be protected by a shield) and his yield poor compared to X players mining i would rather take this than force hundred players to give me 20% of their ore cause "renter" in Eve is cancer AF they are useless, they don't fight don't do politic they just make money everyday just to make money, they don't play and we don't demand them to play just because they bring us money

    i really don't want to see that in DU

  5. Well if i remember corectly (and i'm pretty sure) there would be aboarding (considering JC speak about a "respawn point" in your ship you had to defend with gate and probably weapons) soo that's not confirmerd but there a great chance

    don't known about DCA / Tank for on ground combat, that could be logic and pretty cool


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