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  1. Bluegru

    Servus Commander

    Thanks for the Advice, No idea what direction I'll go, havent seen much of the game. I'll tetplay the game solo atm to see where this is going, cant wait to see what you can do in this game
  2. Bluegru

    Servus Commander

    Greetings, New Spacepilot checking in from Austria. Just found the game and saw that an Alpha playtest session startet today, so I thought I'll give it a try. Have played a few Spacesims (Elite, Eve, SpaceEngeneers, Empyrion) but not that excessively. Hope to fall in love with the game and everything in it. I'm open for any suggestions on how to get sarted and how to get connected with the other players. Also, If there are already Playergroups (Guilds, Alliances or whatever they are called here) I'd love to play in a group (preferably German speaking).