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  2. This looks amazing, I cant wait for it to come out, i'm a big fan of Space engineers and i pre ordered no man's sky. To see a game that incorporates the best of both worlds and as an MMO would be amazing. However it is hard to believe it to be possible, so my questions are as follows: 1. How will the engine be able to handle all the possible collisions that will happen in game, for reasons such as dogfights, unstable crafts, premature barrel rolls, etc. 2. How many particles will the game be able to generate? (like floating debris) 3. How will those super large space ships handle? like the one in the trailer that looked HUGE, anything of that size and complexity generates a huge lag-fest on space engineers if i play by myself, and i have a pretty good rig! 4. how will the physics engine work? for the gravity, kinematics, etc. will the planets be spinning around the sun or stationary? Will we be able to create orbits around those planets?
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