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  1. By radio unit I mean a device that allows the owner of the area to play music from an internet radio on selected area. It will make it possible to create virtual clubs in the cities where players can chillout between the grind and it'll make the game more immersive if the players won't abuse it. Entropia Universe has such thing, also it is possible to connect land areas to internet radios in Second Life, so I think it's important thing for a game that wants to be the true sandbox. Even cooler thing would be if the sound emited by the radio unit would be placed in certain point in the space and the game would simulate acoustics, but that's definitely something for the later stages of game development.
  2. I'll start a thread by posting one my favourite albums. I think that genre really fits into the space theme.
  3. Hello. I'm Sebastian. I'm a software developer and I'm also learning to produce music after hours. I'm looking forward to this game as it will provide true sandbox experience which I had when playing Second Life or Eve Online.


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