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  1. Black Scarlet Mercs, after looking over many pirate organizations, I have decided to go another route with the organization and that is to make this a Mercenary Organization...Hired Guns, Assassins, Bounty Hunters.....I really wanted to hit a niche that was not hit yet within the game...and I hope that I have found it. I wanted the group to either be pirate or assassin but when I re-read the storyline behind it again, it sounds more like mercenary work to me. And when I Seen Organizations starting up I don't see much Mercs going on.
  2. Thankyou nzwoodturner other than the 4gigs virtual Ram I am at the recommended Specs so that is great! My Next Question is is this Game a Perma Death System I don't want to start up a character only for me to die for just being a noob. should I start up a character and then later on use another one of my keys to finally make Black Scarlet the way I want her to be. The Character will be a female. Just personal Preference I just don't like staring at a dude while I play. I rather look at a female if I am gonna play a game and if it's in third person more eye candy for me. Just putting that out there prior to hand. But this is about the Organization of Black Scarlet so I will upload the Rank system soon as we get more and more closer to how i want the system to work any helpful hint and helpful advise would be gratefully appreciated..but before I log in I just want some help and getting organized and know what is what prior to hand.
  3. Greetings Space Adventures, a new organization is amongst your midst. to bring havoc and drama to your universe, and to take everything you love and tare it apart little by little, piece by piece, by the time Black Scarlet is done with you, You will wishing for death. but just as our Creedence says "Death is a Gift". you will watch to see your world as it unfolds before your very eyes, as it's taken from you and then you will be allowed to see another day, but when you think you have it back to where it was, it will be taken again. your world will be exposed at every angle, exposing every weakness. While the Galactic Corporates FIght over the Wealth of the Power, Who is the True Enemy, at every reach of the Universe who has the true Power and who keeps that true balance in Chaotic Shift. We are Black Scarlet and we bring Chaotic Balance to the Darkness Void. Everywhere you turn we are but a shadow. Hello Everyone, Hope you liked the Intro to my Organization. Before I get started there are a few things I am wanting to get clarified. I for one couldn't find any computer specs on the game itself or maybe I didnt look in the right place and so forth...user error is ever prevalent. So I am wondering if I can even play this game or if I am gonna have to go buy a new rig to do so. so before I get going on that this is my specs for my current laptop I am using. I have not even bought a sponsors pack or patrons pack because I didn't know if I needed a new rig and if I am gonna be putting my time and effort and investment into this game I figured I needed this information first. These are My Specs intel core i7 2.60 GHz 16gigs Ram GeforeGTX 960M 2gig Virtual Mem if I can play the Game with these Specs the last things Is, is I don't know how to play the game or anything and since don't know anything about this game I would like the most help I can achieve to set out my goals for Black Scarlets Organization so if anyone would be able to and willing to help a noob please help me out it would be greatly appreciated . II been waiting for a game like this for a very very long time so I wanted to wait to see where this was gonna go invest my time and money into this game but I wanted to do it with style. I wanted to have an organization but what kind of organization. well there is only one organization for me that made sense every reach of space has pirates and ever place has pirates and when you think you're ahead of the game a pirate shows up just to show who is who and what is what. I also got to thinking about it really a pirate organization because of how vast space is and because they are within ever sector and aver place you go they really are the Owners of space and they keep space balanced. so if anyone would be willing to take me under their wing show me the ropes and what not. I would prefer that it be a pirate one and also one that in the end won't affect my overall character when it fully comes to the realm I want to have a full working background when the game goes fully live and it's done in 2022 it would be greatly appreciated. do make note thou if I need to get new rig thou it will be a while till I can get into the game because of... I just don't have a few thousand to just throw at a new rig. but it will give me time to allow me to get the game organization in place and so forth. I also would like to give you a preview of the organization's logo that I am creating in the making and the color scheme and so forth https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uef_LwAvTTmY5aiXN9qnzuD61uZzgwCK/view?usp=sharing Thanks BlackScarlet
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