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HAVOC is Recruiting!


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More Friends, More HAVOC.


HAVOC is a friendly community first and a ruthless war machine second.  At our core, we are a social group that likes doing PvP, and we prioritize cooperation and teamwork above all else.  We also do the many and varied activities that are needed to support our PvP habit such as mining, transport, industry, trading, and design.


Our mature 18+ community is active and growing.  The majority of our members speak English and live in USTZ though we do have a number of international members.  Havoc is currently recruiting new members of all skill and experience levels; who you are as a person is much more important to us than what you know or how "good" you are.  If you are interested in joining a tight-knit community, come check out our Discord and apply!


Once on the discord, click the react role for Dual Universe in the #roles channel, and an officer will reach out to you asap!




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