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Piloting and Lag


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In my opinion, prioritizing piloting should be the top priority focus of the dev team at this point. The lag I get when trying to go to the market, or even just land at my base, is just unreal. It's by far the biggest pain point I'm having with the game. For example, the reason I'm posting, I was frozen during my Alioth D7 Market landing for about 8 minutes (yes, EIGHT), before, once again, crashing my ship (...again).


Now, because the game doesn't actually tell my why it's frozen for eight minutes (trees? mining holes? constructs? something completely different?), I don't actually know what's in place already. Here are some ideas:


  • Pilot Priority Mode
    • A setting that toggles a wire-framed world while piloting
      • or similar, like simply not rendering things that don't affect my flight
      • or convex hull (only) other-player constructs while piloting
      • or a mix of the above
  • Quick Fixes (Temporary issue patch ideas)
    • Zero Damage Lag Detection
      • If the game detects lag that occurs shortly before landing, no damage to ship...
    • Free Landings
      • Built-in auto-land to markets and owned constructs
        • Within some distance (2km?) - A loading screen would be fine (I don't need to see you auto-land my ship)
  • Reduce the necessity for market travel
    • There might be a stark reason this isn't already in place, but what if a planet's markets were linked? Call it item teleportation (fancy!), allowing us to buy and sell any item on that planet's market.


Thanks for reading. I've been playing about a month, and I'm hooked. The game is amazing, and I plan to keep renewing my subscription. But, please, PLEASE, could you do something about this piloting lag?

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