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Clan Magnus Legio (CML) is Recruiting

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Clan Magnus Legio (CML)

CML is a mature gaming community that has been active in various games since early 2012. We are PvP focused in all games we play and have every intention in bringing our best to Dual Universe through solid leadership, teamwork, and coordination among our allies.


In Dual Universe we expect our members to focus on what they like to do the most. This game caters to various play styles, and all roles are needed within our organization. You can expect leaders to provide guidance on organizational and planetary level goals, as well as weekly activities such as PvP operations, mining operations, etc. We have Ship Elements, Blueprints, resources and funds available to members who are active within our organization.

Recruitment Process
  • Please Do Not apply directly to our in-game Organization.

  • Start by APPLYING HERE

  • Join our Guilded Server (better than Discord)

  • We will reach out to you on next steps once your application is submitted

Feel free to message Schoff or Duelen in game with any questions!

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