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3D Models in general

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Hi everyone,


I would like to ask if there are any plans on redoing or improving any of the existing 3D models in DU?

Im asking, because i really think the design(especially Industry models) are very boring.


-All Industry Structures have the same color palette. Orange, Black, White.

-Assembly Lines all look the same, just scaled different and dont give the impression of actually bringing your base/factory to life. 

-Every other Industry Structure looks really basic. The Electronics Industry is basically a box with one chamfered edge


This makes everyones factory basically look the same and very boring in my opinion. Especially when this part of the game is the foundation to everything else in this game.


But same counts for flight systems, the engines for example really block or stop the players creativity.


- Any kind of Engines are huge blocks that define the shape of any air/space craft

- Thrusters and Retro Brakes also look the same just scaled different.



Why cant there be a internal engine block that you need to connect to a certain amount of (smaller) thrusters outside instead of having these huge blocks defining the shape of a actually functional space craft?
Why cant there be a visual connection between the industry components instead invisible connections. 


This kind of ruins the gameplay in my opinion and feels more like a pre alpha concept test than a beta.


Thats why I am asking if there is any kind of plan to do more passes on these things.





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