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Hello DU

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I am known as Rhaja (Raja) Zola in many games... Once I figure out how to change my handle I am ... I am using a new one these days.


I am an SWG vet, MXO, COH/V, Vanguard, TSO,  lots of games really.... none did I play as hard or dedicated as SWG. I have done many Alpha and beta tests... Even was in the first wave of Xbox Live way way back in the day! 


Not sure how hard I can play (with Rona maybe more then ever) I am a father, and even hope to bring my kids into the fold as they both game and love to build in games! I have been a guild leader (over 200 with a live medium of 150 average) from larger to smaller clans. I have played as a lone wolf more often as I've gotten older. 


I have a unique talent of breaking games or finding loops holes in my hay day.... even ran a mafia family on The Sims Online (and figured how to launder money amongst many more fun nefarious things...nothing that was bad in the way of scamming people or stuff like that). I like to make money in games lol and IRL.... 


I may give crafting a try, but also lean towards a merc type roll or even early on being a space trucker....


I have a few neat ideas, not sure if they were tried yet, but could be unique if the engineering can work in game for wars or protection type ships! We will see one day!!


Currently not with any groups as I said I want to bring my kids into this soon and not sure if that will impede with any groups. 


Any way hello!

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