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Aerogics Company Recruitment


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Welcome! The Aerogics Shipbuilding and Trading Company is now Hiring!



Hey guys, we are a friendly, trading and shipbuilding-oriented organization, looking for new members and new trade partners.
Join our discord!

For new members:
We are looking for beginners! Don’t worry if you have just started the game; we will help you to make your first steps in the game and help you to improve your skills. We can provide you a free ride to our base and we can give you some stuff if you want to explore the game in a more independent way.


Are you interested in ship designs?

We support every creative member who wants to design ships/bases and we are actively sharing knowledge to help you to make your designs into reality.


Are you interested in traveling?

We are looking for members who can deliver cargo to our customers.


Are you interested in trading?

We're seeking players with economics and other trading skills! Finding new customers and improving the relations with the existing ones.


Are you interested in production?

We have a large factory for you to learn and produce to your hearts content. We can help you be part of one of the largest industries in the game.




Apply today!

Be a part of the team!

Join our discord!



For new trade partners:

We producing high end materials and parts, trading with rare resources and selling ships of every core size! If you’re interested, we can sell you a blueprint/key or we can make ships on request. We can also refine and produce materials for fee if you don’t have the industry! (Terms & Conditions apply)

Join our discord!


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