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Stardust Technologies - Aiming new Paths

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From dust till dawn.
Technology made simple.
For dust becomes dust.


We are a growing organisation that aims to fabricates ships, modules, AI and everything that will be needed from the market, so you our customers.
Aiming for a better universe, we are supporting you with our newest and best products.

Need a transport rocket with autopilot? We are your number one choice.


Recruiting Miners, Producers, Designers and of course Soldiers.
One important role will be to secure our facilities and supplies.


For sure Fun will never come at last.
And yes of course there will be beer!


Is there even beer in our new home?
If not we should produce beer :D


We are allways looking for allys with other orgs.


Allready allied with:

Dark Star Syndicate


Our discord channel:

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