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Independent Diplomatic Specialist (IDS)

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Greetings everyone,


I am Daralax, Leader of the IDS

Independent Diplomatic Specialists is an org that will do diplomatic business on the behalf of orgs and players, from peace treaty's to trade agreements, we will ensure that you don't get screwed over.





https://discord.gg/f5QyWbk  IDS

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Greetings and welcome to Dual Universe. 


To leave a short bit of feedback that hopefully helps in shaping the orgs in the long run, from an outsider perspective:


- I like how straight to the point the description of IDS is even though I wonder if that "business model" works in the long run unless you do it for free; many orgs might just do political crisis management on their own if it's cheaper and doable. Maybe you can elaborate the benefits of picking IDS further? 


- I didn't (personally) find the same clarity in the other group. Perhaps you could change some descriptions, elaborate further, make some things more clear. Why is it called "Unknown"? 


If you work a bit further on 'em you'll attract people easier - in my humble opinion. 


Good luck either way. 

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