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When you build a ship you need a basic idea of the ship that you are building....when you are building a space station you need a basic plan or idea to build that....but cities are dynamical buildings come and go....infrastructure is upgraded and updated and so on.


This topic looks to address the issue of the complicated thing that a city is, a start of a conversation in to making the most basic of things in a city urban planning. On a more basic level cities are organize districts then in Lots. DU needs to adress this from the start if it wants to make cities that really stand out.  One owner per lot.


City / District / Lot is the break down structure that i see the most simple to go. A idea is for example:


Small City  - 5 Districts / 5 lots per district

Medium City - 10 Districts / 10 lots per district

Large City -  20 Districts / 20 lots per district


Also the ability to mode hole buildings from lot to lot, lets say that you made a industrial district and you want to move it to a bigger city or in the same regard a Small City upgraded to larger city.....


Will right more on the topic...just wanted some feed back from the community on the idea. 







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The question is, how big is a District?


In my opinion, large cities will be divided by territory boundaries. Each Territory Claim is 1km wide. Since it's possible that the Territory Claims in a city might not all be owned by the same person, I suggest making the space of a TC the base size for a District.


On the topic of Lots: I think there should be a standard number per district, no matter how many districts a city has. I personally would say that Six Lots is the optimal amount (seeing as how each territory claim is a Hexagon) The Lot boundaries can be organized in whatever way you wish, and then distributed among officials in the city, who then find people looking for property and rent it out accordingly, giving a share back to the District Manager.


These are my thoughts; feel free to tear them apart

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