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Found 1 result

  1. I'm sure there have been previous posts about PvE, but I want to share some of my ideas as to how PvE could work in Dual Universe. So in one of the early Dev Blogs, JC mentions NPCs in this quote: " At this stage, it is not clear if we will have enough time until the alpha to implement NPC animals to come and bother you during the night, as well as serve as hunting preys. But that’s the idea, because you will need to feed yourself, and the nanoformer cannot make wood-based lunch for you!" So based on this, it's clear that JC plans on the game to have a survival aspect to the game at some point, where hostile creatures will bother you in the night, like in Minecraft. I thought about how the PvE system would work if it was the same as it is in Minecraft, but the system of monsters spawning anywhere the light level is low wouldn't fit well with Dual Universe at all. Having monsters spawn in your skyscraper just because it's a little dark would be a huge annoyance, and would ruin the immersion that Dual Universe creates. So instead, I was thinking that hostile creatures could instead only be spawned in certain locations where a specific monster spawning block is generated. For example, this could be a giant nest that spawns a wasp-like creature that attacks players if they get too close to the nest. I think it would be interesting if these creatures behavior varied based on the species. For example you could have creatures that are extremely territorial, but are neutral otherwise. For other creatures, they could roam in packs like wolves, and attack anything they find. I think hostile creatures could become pretty important in various aspects of the game. For example, it creates an incentive to build shelters to survive the night, to build cities with walls protecting it, to create turrets to defend from monsters. It could also create a whole new profession, monster hunters. Maybe the game could spawn a nest of hostile monsters every couple weeks that creates a problem for a vulnerable settlement. These settlers don't have a group of powerful soldiers to eradicate the monster nest, so they hire a group to hunt these monsters and destroy them. (It could also create situations where you find abandoned towns due to monster infestation, which I think is pretty cool.) Also monster nests could be used as a rare material that's desirable, so monster hunter groups could also just hunt monster nests for the sake of getting the rare resource from it. (And of course the monster themselves could drop something somewhat useful, like food to help sustain the hunt.) Of course, many issues arise from this system. For example, there needs to be a system that prevents a planet from being covered in monster-spawning nests, so maybe it could be limited to spawning within a certain radius of players. Maybe the higher the density of players in an area, the more powerful of a monster spawn-nest is created. Another issue is making sure there isn't too many monsters, so you obviously don't want the monster nest to continually spawn monsters that flood up the game, so as long as the monsters despawn when players aren't around, it should be fine. So what are your guys thought? Assuming there will be monsters eventually, what kind of system for monsters do you want Dual Universe to have? Also, what kind of hostile creatures do you want to see that would fit well with the lore of Dual Universe?
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