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Found 1 result

  1. Hello citizens of Dual Universe, (the crucial information is towards the bottom for those of you who may not have enough time to read the whole thing) I am very sad to've been forced to write this post but there really is no other choice. Now with recent events which I'm sure most of you know about (I won't repeat for decency's sake) there has been a new cancer found. I kid you not, cancer isn't a word taken lightly,(condolences to those who know anyone who's actually been diagnosed with it) I chose this word because everyone associates cancer with horrible things like death, pain and sickness. Up until now I thought it had been removed from our community but over the last 12 or so hours I have been terribly surprised with the discovery of some similar sickness with the same characteristics as the previous. I made my first forum post a few days ago (excluding comments) under sad light, but this is even sadder. The truth is we probably won't be able to rid ourselves of this sickness, because those inflected in the mind will persist to pester the greater community. The previous post was regarding the founding of my org, my intentions with it and it's purpose(s) which almost everybody seemed to support (I can't thank you all enough) but it seemed was a small group of people hell bent on ending something which was created for the benefit of the community (Imperii Purpurae). I take it upon myself to formally introduce this cancer and to state some of it's known symptoms. I was severely betrayed by some of my most trusted members, now you may be thinking I'm just a self righteous little bitch and there is no need for me to complain about some simple politics in the public forums but I think it is necessary to print this out, spotlight it and treat it for good. I got a lengthy message from one of my advisors who I will not mention to protect their privacy because I believe they have been mislead, here is the message I received when I woke up this morning: "mother fucker, you fucking as wipe little fucking shit as mother fucker. you fucking turned your fucking back on us and turn out to be a fucking spy just to fucking screw us over again. mother fucker, i will personally fucking destroy your empire and who ever you work for. you started a fucking war that willl end up in fucking your empire fucking dying. i fucking trusted you and you do this mother fucker." Yes, I was very surprised by this indeed, especially coming from one very valuable member of our community. Nonetheless he has obviously developed some beginning of the cancer although I do believe he will make it to see the other side of the community, the side where we care and look out for each other... Anyway, shortly afterwards I received another worrying message from another highly regarded member and at that point it was blindingly apparent that something had horribly gone wrong somewhere down the line. I saw a screenshot of what @Sakej99 had sent to another one of my most trusted members, luckily he could see straight through it without me needing to point out the facts. So SakeJ said something about me being a spy for cinderfall and that I can't be trusted... Which I don't deny, 7 months ago there was a large group of us who endeavoured espionage activities in the old TVR for a joke because let's face it, they were a joke. So according to SakeJ: I am a spy for cinderfall and I can't be trusted.... Well that obviously shows the mentality of these people who have reignited the Dual Universe cancer, because I can apparently spy on my own org and I can't be trusted... So at that point I was thinking: what sort of idiotic force could be behind this until more evidence in the form of screenshot is revealed (I will not post to protect the privacy of few cherished individuals) I find this all out in a matter of 40 minutes. I do some further research and contact down friends from various other orgs to see if they know what might be going on until I find out that there has been a message mass sent to people with something stating that I'm a spy and everyone should join their org because I have betrayed everyone yadda yadda... I was thinking: fuck this, it's never going to work until I find out that they have begun recruiting my members, spreading bad words about me and my leadership to the poor, vulnerable victims of TVR/UL. That is the final straw. Nobody under any circumstances should snipe players from any other org regardless of public status and with that I'm calling out to the culprits so you can all be aware of who they are. Don't let them fool you, otherwise we may end up with another brood of living memes stealing your members from under your nose! Do yourselves a favour and give yourself some common decency, don't buy their bullshit and don't let the sickness spread - That applies to everyone in Dual Universe. Should @Sakej99 or @silver2127 trying to snipe you or even talk to you just do yourself a favour for the community and abolish them from your minds before they can corrupt your governments. Sorry and thank you. -Banana
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