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Found 2 results

  1. QUICK FACTS Name: Stargate Command Creation: 27/07/2016 Members: 100 Region: 60 % Europeans, 30 % NA, 10 % Unknown or other Language: English Purpose: military organization based on Stargate SG1 & SGA Playstyle: PvP / PvE Discord: https://discord.gg/4q48ZxR Goals: Recreating and upholding our beloved franchise and content from this franchise in Dual Universe Attitude: Neutral good Age range: ~ 19 - 35 Conditions of joining: Basic English (conversational level) SHORT INTRODUCTION We are a organization based on the Stargate series, as many of you know most Stargate related games either lasted not long or where shut down pretty fast after launch - we put high hopes in Dual Universe, also with a similar stargate technology mentioned to recreate and uphold content from our beloved franchise. Our members are spread over the world and are all fans of Stargate, most of our members are based in Europe & North America. We are devided into three departments which suits diffrent playerstyles, but since we are a military organization it should be made clear that participation in PvP is mandatory. Like the series we are using the United States Air Force ranks & insignia but we did some minor alternations. Homeworld Security (HWS): Engineering, programming, logistics & constructing National Intelligence Department (NID): Analysing data, internal law enforcement, controlling & planning, classic intelligence Air Force: Combat, patrolling, guard duties, scouting, exploration At ease! Meroran SOME ADs & GRAPHICS Note: All used images are either a own creative work, free to use for non-profit or paid by me via Adobe Stock under European Law!
  2. Hello all, I know this game attracts others like me who want to build ships and buildings and other constructs from our favorite films and shows, I want to create upon launch a guild based around small groups collaborating to work on their own fandoms, so We'd have a star wars outpost with a star wars like cantina and star destroyers patrolling, we'd have an outpost with federation headquaters where we'd have a couple USS enterprise designs defending, we'd have a battlestar Galactica fleet if there where fans that wanted to, I think this would allow us to have somewhere to roleplay, somewhere to go when you want to fly on a certain ship as a crewman, we would be friendly to strangers, send out huge ships to mine non federation worlds for resources to be shared throughout the federation and defend trade routes and gain followers, right now obviously this is all a dream but I was wondering how many people would be interested in joining it if it came to fruition?
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