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Found 1 result

  1. NOTE: I've posted this as a random comment on another posting, but I think it is worthy of it's own discussion... From my early on in the DU, I plan to focus on building and selling useful (scripted) tool and transport constructs. To help with this, I am mulling over the idea of creating a small "Resource Token" construct (the size and shape of a coin) that players will be able to trade with me at any time for product. For example, I might not have a lot of money available at game launch, so I would give out these "resource tokens" to other players instead of money for the resources they give me. Later, once I have built items for sale, I would allow players to trade the resource tokens freely for finished products instead of game currency.. Essentially, it is an IOU. Suddenly, my resource tokens have suddenly become an alternate form of currency that players can trade on the game Markets for game currency if they so desire. Obviously, I realize that this would require the honor system on my part. But that is typical of any cottage industry, isn't it? What do you all think of this idea? Would you accept resource tokens in place of currency early on in game?
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