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Found 3 results

  1. I would like to see things like Agriculture,woodcutting and other more Passive jobs for Pve players.This could change the landscape in planets, just imagine that at the start of the game you see this forest infested planet with rivers and mountains then in lets say a year from release this planet has less forest(WoodCutting)and in its rivers borders you will see plantations.Now we coudld is for what could we use the Wood that we harvested for Fuel or it could also be used for decoration.Now for stuff like edible plant it could be used for filling you're hunger bar or Buff?
  2. Hello, I think I see a kind of rift in opinion forming, around first and third person, and it might be good to talk out some ideas to heave solutions ready. As the game is intended for a largely first person perspective and most peoples seem to be in favor of such, and against magical third person view, I can envision several possibilities. -Equipment module, launching a small drone that flies behind you giving you a typical third person view. - A support class or skillset, based around controlling drones. Primary use would be to give allies a eye in the sky view that they could switch between from their first person to the drones camera. Difficulty would be around trying to keep your player body safe on the ground, while switching between a drone control interface and issuing movement, attack, and defend commands. scout enemies, reveal them to your teams Friend or Foe hud drop smoke grenades, HE rockets different loadouts, electronic warfare offensive / defensive, armor piercing rockets. - Certain Heavy armor, if it doesn't move fast for some reason, it could compensate some by having a small drone launch from its back or armor and let it see its surroundings a bit better. and of course I'd love to hear what you all think, not just about what I said, but what you would do; thank you.
  3. I decided to try and stalk what I deduced to be the current HQ, or at least the inbox address. I have only fear, dread, and nightmares at those packed streets in Paris. Though I did begin to wonder as I looked around the map with many restaurants, and parks all over it seemed. What are some of the joy's the team has living in the area? The tea and cookie shops around the area seemed quite appealing to me. Is there anything that they dislike? Crime? too many air-headed Americans sight seeing the magnificent city?
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