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Found 1 result

  1. In dual universe there are two different building items, today I want to discuss about elements and how it can be improved. If you don’t know what an element is in dual universe it is something that is functioning in the game E.g. a weapon, engine, cockpit and power. All of these have a function and a purpose to serve on a ship, space station or anything else. From what I have seen and heard all of these elements each have several different variations from big to small and powerful and efficient. This gives players a choice to choose what variations of an element they want to use for the construct. This is a very good game mechanic which lets plays have freedom to make whatever they want. But this freedom can only go so far due to the fact that there is only so many variations of an element. This statement you might say is fools and you would be half right. What I mean by this is people will reach the limits of what they can do with the powerful est weapons the best engine and all of the other elements. as this happens people will want bigger and better elements and you can't just keep on adding elements to the game. The answer to this problem is you break up an element into element parts. So instead of having 10 variations of 1 element you have the parts of the element. How this would work for an engine Eg go to link below or nothing will make sens http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/38606361454211587/C14797F3E9FB74AAA462E895823E45296A2FB759/ this image is form (from the depths) in this game engines, weapons, power and all other element are built like this. if this is how element worked in dual universe people could truly make any thing they want. this also fits into the idea that only the best ships will sell because they are the best and so it could be for the element. so only the best ships that have the best element will sell. this would be a big thing in the game and i think this is how elements should work so if you think i am on to sum thing or i am stupid leave a comment. also i dont no if this has already been discussed and if it is to late to change any thing this big or if this would lag the game to no end. if you have any questions you would like to ask ask away. also sory for any spelling errors.
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