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Found 1 result

  1. (For after release... obviously) Megastructures... Huge, expensive and profitable... Many games turn around them but none really take it to a real level... ( well some probably do...) We all know that there isn't a real limit of building in Du, but what would push a corporation to build one? Surface area? No planets are big enough... Ringworld, space elevator, orbital ring and stuff are useless, or at least way too expensive for their profit... We'll keep the expensive side because well reasons... I don't want the first noob that join in to start to create his own megastructure, it just doesn't make sense... So which type of structure would be profitable? For now I can only think about 3 types of structures that could be potentially interesting for a corporation : - dyson sphere ( or swarm... but might not be possible with DU's drone and energy transfer mechanics ) - black hole farming ( transform matter to energy efficiently via hawking's radiations... But to be fair idk if it's that profitable... it has to be quite op to be interesting considering the risk of the gravity well... ) - Star lifting structure ( star lifting is the act of extracting materials from a star, not by scooping it, but by accelerating it via strong magnetic fields or accelerating the star rotation speed... here is a not so short overview: ) So we need a few mechanisms to make these work: - solar panels that produce an output which varies depending on the distance between the star it's facing and itself - Black holes mechanics ( radiation and a way to harvest them, matter consumption, a way to monitor the matter inside, maybe with a gravity probe? ) and a way to counter the gravity well ( thrusters might not be that efficient, although having to balance thrusters power consumption with the power output of the black hole to maximise the overhaul matter to energy conversion could be really interesting... + thrusters can act as a matter input, though implementing it is a bit tricky...) - A way of doing star lifting... I don't know how we could fake the process, so some thinking is required here... maybe produce an amound of matter proportional to the sum of the power of the magnets divided by their distance of the star and output the matter output at one pole, which would need to be collected in some way... (i.e. Share your ideas down there ) And what will be the gameplay benefit ? Well actually, a lot: - requires a HUGE amount of organisation and coordination -> will mobilise probably everyone in a corporation - Will probably require different corporations to ally and share their ressources and manpower for the construction - Will provide strategic positions, once built, it can only be destroyed or preserved, don't think about moving it, unless you have serval of them to provide a thrust huge enough to move it in a decent time... you want to see it move by your own eyes, not by your children's ones... - Events, imagines the title of a mag: "destruction of a 100000$ facility in a video game" Many more points I didn't think about or developed... They'll probably require a good amount of balancing and reflexion but I think it's worth it So they aren't like the titans in EVE, I mean, there are a lot of titans already built, but I would expect only 3 or maybe 4 megastructures to have been built after the same amount of time ( from when the titans have been implemented in EVE to now)... And i want the destruction of a keenstar in eve to be nothing compared to the destruction of a megastructure in DU... Some will say " they are too expensive, no one will build them..." and I disagree.... When you are at war with a powerful corporation, you want to have the advantage, and you'll probably want to invest in having a greater ressource income... and at some point, a corporation will definitely get their hands in it... ( and it wouldn't make sense for them to be cheap... ) So what do you think? Can we come up with a proper balance ?
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