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Found 1 result

  1. So I'm aware that in one topic laser protection has already been discussed (by the form of heat resistant armor) but I wanted to take it a step further... also the content I'm about to propose is definitly for advanced gameplay that definitly won't be in the game at release ( well if NQ want to do it they can, but I don't think it should be a goal for release..) Also I won't be using really scientific terms here and i'm omitting some properties of light because they aren't that intersting in gameplay purposes ( at least i dont find them interesting)... So if you didn't know laser emit only in a specific wavelength, different wavelengths have different properties when hitting materials, ( common example is uv don't always go through glass but visible light does) and ( for simplification purpose) light can either be reflected/ absorbed/ ignored by the material it hits... ( visible light is reflected by a mirror but gamma rays pass through (not sure about that, i'm not a scientist, but you get my point)) so the idea is different wavelength of light are produced in different ways, needing different materials... and laser protection is made by stacking layers of reflecting materials in specific ways, maybe as a paint job with many layers of paint, keeping in mind that if you want to reflect Xrays you want to have the reflecting layer behing layers that ignores x rays and don't absorb them... this way if the whole thing is properly balenced you could make it in a way that you can't get the best OP armor, you'll always have downsides... however since there will be different laser types, you could make one that needs to buildup before releasing the light, and thus needing a more complex crew to maintain, restraining the use to advanced military fleets... this way a hauler don't need the protection against this weapon if he follows the "law", since pirates won't probably have the same tactics ( more run and gun like) and thus would be using a different type of laser... so balancing would be a mess I admit it, BUT once it's up and running, it adds a huge amount of gameplay / building mechanics... tell me your thoughts on that
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