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Found 1 result

  1. I get the sense that the rush of beta interest is starting to fade. Many people have gotten a taste for the game but now are starting to re-focus on real life issues. To keep DU sustainable long term, we have to look at what a game can provide to a player. 1. A sense of accomplishment: - this is fulfilled by the building aspect of the game and I think is well covered, no urgent needs here. 2. A sense of comraderie, friendship building, and belonging to a purpose greater than oneself: - while building large and or intricate constructs with a team can do this to some extent, I don't think it can be a primary motivator by itself. - hunting as a lone wolf doesn't satisfy most people long term, sure fun to try but that can fade away. For me, I would like to be part of a combat based team that can overcome high odds to prevail against a tough enemy, without stirring up a lot of negativity. Too much of that going on in the world right now. So, here is the problem: - Right now, PvP is architected around people stealing from other people and the defending against that. I don't think that kind of negative experience is going to help the game in the long run. For the pirate, it is a short term adrenaline rush but ultimately gets boring if it is too easy or repetitious. For the victim, they get tired of mining for a week and having it all disappear instantly along with their ship and they start to question their commitment to DU itself. What I think is needed: - A common enemy that is not only other players. Other players have real-life schedules and getting two large opposing groups to be online at the same time is not going to happen very easily. I don't think there really is any alternative to having swarms of low level AI bots protecting something that is highly desired by most PvP players. What is that thing that everybody wants? Is it treasure, rare ores, or bragging rights? Sure, but even more important is having an memorable experience - that's the real treasure. The swarms of low level AI bots are just the guards at the door, but the group that can prove they can work together to defeat them will get access to some real, story-based battles. Hire some real professional writers that have successfully published some sci-fi books and have them create content that is only available to orgs that can enter that zone. Now, what should naturally happen is that an alliance of orgs will try to protect access to those story-based rich hunting grounds, and other alliances will form to wrest control of that gate from them. Now THAT would be worth staying active in the game for.
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