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Found 1 result

  1. Stealth systems, or some kind of "silent running" mode, are often depicted in sifi as a kind of tactical art form. For example, in Elite Dangerous, dog fighting while in Silent Running to throw off your opponent's targeting requires a carefully control of heat levels. Meanwhile, in Space Engineers you can build a stealth ship simply by painting it to blend in with the skybox or an asteroid. In The Expanse, stealth ships are covered in an advanced, sensor-resistant composite material. Either way, effective stealth requires skilled engineering and piloting to achieve. Why not combine all of these aspects in Dual so that stealth is very difficult to achieve (so it is not OP,) but very powerful as a strategic asset. In my mind there are two kinds of stealth: Active - protects from active detection, I.e. bouncing a sensor beam off of your ship. Passive - protects from passive detection, I.e. emissions by your ship that could be detected. Materials I envision stealth-enhancing hull coatings or plates being lightweight, delicate, and extremely difficult to manufacture. They would also, to fit the balance I am describing, not be very effective. Stealth materials would do two major things: First, they would partially absorb active scans, reducing your sensor signature. Second, they would reduce the amount of heat radiated into space by your hull. Camouflage Simply painting your ship to blend into a given environment. Perhaps some kind of adaptive coating could be possible, that changes to blend in with different surroundings as needed. Also, fewer windows. Reduces chance of visual detection at extreme close range. Hull design Designing a ship's hull to have as small a profile and conceal it's drive plume as much as possible. Placement of thrusters and radiators to minimize unnecessary emissions. Makes the ship a smaller target and thus a smaller blip on sensors. Reduces thermal signature and reduces the angle you must thrust at relative to a target to avoid detection. These are just a few basic concepts to make stealth possible but challenging: an art form for sneaky pilots. Thoughts?
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