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Found 1 result

  1. Greetings, Welcome to the Introduction page for the Earldom of Mercia, That's Mercia not Murica or Demacia! On this page I'll explain to you what the Earldom is about, what we do, our backstory and if your interested why you should join us. Firstly the Earldom is ruled by the Earl Trevor of house Wentworth one of the many houses that will exist within the Earldom it self. (Up above is the Wentworth coat of arms.) Yes i know, all you democracy loving fellows out there may be frothing at the mouth about an Earldom since it is part of a Feudal Hierarchy but do not fear, we provide great treatment for our peasants and we do vote on all matters that affect them, and no the Earl does not have absolute authority, he cares for his peasants immensely, he empty's his Wine and Ale stores constantly for them. But the Bottom line is that the Earldom is a Constitutional Monarchy of sorts but there is No King yet. "Why Is there not a King M'lord Trevor?" Ask's Sir Barry, Well to tell you the truth Barry we're waiting for more Earldom's to pop up first then the ruling house of each Earldom will get together and have a chat about who should be King. "I don't want to be a Peasant when i join, i want to be some thing else!" Says User #190237, Well it's simple really, you can either join as a Man-at-Arms in the military or If you have a family coat of arms and can prove that your a Noble you'll be bumped up to the Rank of Viscount (By the way an Earl is the equivalent to a Count but more akin to Duke.) a commoner (Peasant, Man-at-Arms or Merchant) can purchase a Baronetcy and become a Baronet or Baronetess gaining the right to be called Sir, You'll go from commoner to Noble in no time as long as you have the will, courage and means! You can go from peasant to lord as i have shown above as long as you have the means, but BEWARE the life of a lord is not an easy one where you can sit around all day sipping wine and bedding wench's, You as the Lord of the fiefdom assigned to you (Your land with all you peasant's and what not on it.) are responsible for looking after your Peasants and your vassals (Your vassals are those of a lower rank than you who live on your land and swear an oath, Peasants are exempted from this and do not need to swear an Oath.) if a rebellion starts on your land due to harsh treatment then you won't receive any help from you Lord oh no, In fact your Lord is liable to help the rebellion and kill you instead. Here's the ranking system below - Earl - The de facto leader/Lord of the Earldom, The Earldom is his fiefdom and land/space. (Those who are descended from an Earl in real life and has proof along with you family coat of arms can become an Earl, Pm EarlWentworth otherwise known as Trevor your proof if you do and the realm will grow with another Earldom in the fold!) Earl's Steward/Stewardess - The steward may or may not be a noble, he cannot command other lords to do his bidding but he has the power to ruin one, He handles recruitment, PR and Diplomacy as well from time to time. Viscount/Viscountess - Just below an Earl but above a Baron, a powerful lord indeed, Only those who have the pedigree to become a Viscount (Coat of Arms and proof.) or trust of the Earl may become one. Baronet/Baronetess - A Commoner (Peasant, Man-at-Arms and Merchant's) who has purchased a fiefdom and thus also buying the title. Baron/Baroness - A Loyal, hardworking and courageous Knight who after a long time of good service to the Earldom may be granted a larger fiefdom and promoted to Baron. Knight - A Knight is the minimum rank required to be called Sir, a knight controls a small fiefdom and is always part of the Earldom's Military force. Merchant - A rich man who makes money by trading activities. Man-at-Arm's - These are the Knight's best warriors and also his companions. Footmen - These are the foot soldier's in the Earldom's military force and are usually peasants who wish to try their hand at warfare. Peasant - Despite the name that many think to be Derogatory. It's not, the peasant's are the Earldom's average citizen and are also the lifeblood of the Earldom, Peasant's are divided into sub-categories and have their own hierarchy that alas i cannot explain for peasant's confuse us lord's but each peasant has their own profession, some might work in the shipyards while some may work in agriculture to feed the Earldom, but the bottom line is that being a Peasant isn't a bad thing! If your interested in joining just Pm the EarlWentworth and he'll respond to you as soon as he can! And he also doesn't know why he is referring to him self in third person! Now onto the Earldom backstory! The Wentworth family is Old... Stubborn... and Cunning, The Lord Trevor using his family traits obtained a spot on an Arkship and started on his thousand year journey through the stars, when he awoke he was surrounded by anarchy, confusion and violence "Stop this madness!" He shouted, people turned to him and so he told them that there must be Law, Order and compassion, as soon as these three words were uttered most of the crowd dispersed and left, few remained to listen to him and after an inspiring speech or two they bent the knee and swore an oath of service to the Earl... And so the Earldom was Born, a beacon of order and Justice in a sea of violence, "House Wentworth will stand tall while others fall!" I Hope to see plenty of comments and also i hope to receive lots pm's about joining, As i said... I HOPE! We are a friendly group of fellows with a Discord server and also a teamspeak server. https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/earldom-of-mercia#tab-description
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