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Found 1 result

  1. Greetings all. As many of you may well know, this game looks absolutely splendid. DUAL Universe is (in my opinion) the next generation of Voxel Exploration games. Quite frankly, I've waited my entire gaming life for this. Such a game sounds like it will focus a lot on role play. If that isn't a plan, please make it so. I can just imagine flying into a spaceport and paying for space gas for my spaceship as I chat up the lady at the counter. Just being able to plug in a headset and discuss important matters with my faction. Now, a game of this magnitude needs a special opening! (Dubbed the Launch Day in the title) I'm thinking that, on the day of the game's launch, players from around the world and spawn in together at the same station or spaceport. Players then mingle and chat. Making new friends, possibly forming the foundations of soon to be empires. When ready, the gates of the ports open wide and expose the players to the vacuum of space. endless reaches of space. Where they can then fly out into the unknown as newly found friends and factions to begin their adventure in DUAL Universe. This seriously has to happen. Allow me now to introduce myself. I go by the gamer tag Dominar, but you may call me Dom for short. I'm a rather ambitious gamer. I've got a deep passion for role play and enjoy myself most when I'm involved with projects surrounding role play (Such as DUAL Universe) I've played many games in the past. Beginning with the ever so popular title, Minecraft. Then moving up through other franchises and different genres. My favorite being Exploration, Sandbox, Survival, etc. Most recently I began a rather ambitious project for Space Engineers, but I feared the game just wouldn't cut it. Literally by luck, I came across DUAL Universe. Once I discovered what this game was about, my mind blew up once more with this great plan I have. I'll tell you all about my "ambitious project" in the future. For now, give me your thoughts! If you're interested in what I'm saying here and what more I have to say, let's talk. I want to meet people with similar interests. Comment below
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