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    CMDRCODY got a reaction from _Ginger_ in HI   
    Looking forward to Playing and meeting new players to have a great time with.
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    CMDRCODY got a reaction from _Ginger_ in HI   
    Member 0 0 posts Patron   Posted 14 minutes ago · Hidden Hidden LFO POST TEMPLATE:
    Name: CMDRCODY
    Region/ Timezone: CMT (Central Mountain Time) USA
    Language: English
    What type of Organization are you looking for? Trade Coalition / Explorer / Military / ETC.
    Desired role(s) you wish to play in-game: E.G.  Miner,  Explorer , Trader , Soldier
    Roleplay interest?
    Other: Anything else you're looking for in a guild? Team Play , Active , 18+ , Fun ,
    Preferred contact method: Put your PM reference (Discord/Forum PM/Steam/Skype etc...) Have Discord and can get what ever is needed per Organization needs.
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