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  1. Having a limit I would say is dependent on how many people you're tracked at once in the past. I would say like 6 can be the most you can have at once. You can haul like 10 people or so if your ship has that many "holding cages"
  2. I don't mean to "harass" people. This is just the way I talk and was raised by my dad. #RIP I'd like to hear more people's insights and questions and I can answer these along the way as I don't think of a lot of things besides the basis of the idea.
  3. obviously you can't claim your own. let's have a brain for a minute. you'll be able to see a bounty placed on yourself. if there is an active bounty on you, you can see that as well and not accept it. #derp. more along the lines of "there is a bounty on me, it doesn't cost much. if I get caught, I get caught." OR "well s***, this price is up there and I don't wanna get caught, time to run and hide."
  4. Also, introducing PvP and "restraining" them, guess what, it's part of a game. If they allow force respawning while this is going on, double the bounty to the hunter if they person has such money. Just a thought
  5. I have no idea what AVA is, mybad, sad nerd. Not necessarily kill either. Can take them alive. SZ would have certain limitations because...SZ. herpa derp. The BH would get all credits including warp cells used (imo) from the maker. Have a log book showing how many were used and so forth. As far as ships, use plasma cannons or whatever to disable the ship and obviously boarding would be an issue as well.
  6. The ideas I would have would be to put a price tag on someone's head (for whatever reason). If the price fits a person's interest, they can put a claim on the price and go looking for said person. The game would give a planet estimate as to where the person is to start and continue on with certain increments of where their location is. It would never say "where" they are as that would be too easy and I guess, lack, in the hunting part. People that want to be bounty hunters would have to take 3 classes or so on how to "restrain" them and get them to move to their ship and a holding place for them so they cannot escape or "force respawn" which is where NQ would come in. The destination would be to whomever it is that placed the bounty, whether they are home or not, and the price tag would be filled likewise. Should the target run away, the classes would grant a weapon or give reason to sell a weapon to "stun" them and have them moved to said Bounty Hunter's ship and placed in a holding cell (remember where they are)
  7. I have played a number of Beta's. I'm not sure if this would be of interest to NQ, but bringing in Bounty Hunting (like Star Wars) would be an interesting idea. I have a number of ideas on how it would work so, if this is of interest, please, someone message me and I can give the ideas that I have listed off so far. There are a few.
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