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  1. I understand this got patched lol
  2. Still free tested this morning.
  3. Proof guys this is my account right now sorry i did look for proof of date so if anyone wants proof this screengrab was today then let me know. https://prnt.sc/zvw36t
  4. HAHAH OMG 20 sec in and hes shilling it "The most massive of massive multiplayers there is " OMG tht just screams shill right there.
  5. People seem to be missing the point of this post, idc about the shill drama all i am doing is making people aware who are being nickel and dimed by NQ they can unsub.
  6. LIKE title says game is F2P wether by design or not i dont know and dont care. I am one of those players who left after 0.23 and keeps popping in to see how things are going. after the recent paid shill drama am done with them now and will expose this BS. I and about 12 or so others i still chat with on the daily all unsubbed from game around this time. However, most of us about 8 or 9 can all still play the game. now i double checked my bank and no payments have been requested or made to NQ or anywhere for that matter relating to a DU sub it was 100 percent stopped. now theres 2 things here. 1 NQ know this and dont care so if u unsub they still let you in to bolster there numbers or 2 they're so inept they cant even get getting paid right and if the latter is the case i'm affraid i am out RIP. but if u enjoy the game and still hold out hope then yeh keep paying but if not cancel and u will still be able to play. this post may be removed soon by admin so yeh. GG NQ u
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