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  1. 1 hour ago, Luukullus said:


    It is one of the wrongest things you can do voluntary. Giving the Cache to a HDD is like giving a turtle life-saving medication to bring to a patient while you resuscitate him.

    Thanks for the info everyone. I'm gonna look into getting more RAM asap and then I'll re DL the game and put the cache on the SSD as well. Hoping the game will be somewhat playable with the slightly weak CPU and GPU. If not I will need to save and build anew PC. 

  2. 1 hour ago, JohnnyTazer said:

    I have similar specs, well I guess I have same video card, but an i3. I do have 16gigs but I played all thru alpha with 8. Here is where your issue is. This is a guess, but do you have an SSD? I have an m.2 SSD and a second 1Tb ssd. If you have a HDD forget about playing this game. Upgrade to 16gig and SSD and you should be somewhat playable (I dont linger in markets)

    I do have the game installed on an SSD and the cache onto the HDD. So far I'm basically stuck in the main starting building on the tutorial because I can barely move...it's a slide show basically. 

  3. I have an old a** PC and it's probably about time to upgrade soon. I did check the min requirements for this game and thought I'd take a chance on the game anyways to help support the game devs if nothing else. I logged in and can barely move my character, it feels like extreme lag and very jittery. I'm hardwired in and noone is using my internet but me and I have decent internet. Was thinking of getting 16gb of new RAM sticks, but not sure if that would help at all or if I need to just bite the bullet and fully upgrade my PC. Maybe the lag/issues are just an early beta thing and a lot of other people experience the same crippling lag at the starting area? 


    PC specs


    AMD FX-8320

    GeForce 1050 ti 4gb

    8GB RAM

    250GB SSD (Game is installed on)

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