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  1. This is a simple solution. No sink or faucet is needed that way, and advancement still occurs, as quanta become more valuable when the amount of resources that have been extracted grows. therefore, later in the game you will be able to buy item n with x quanta that before might have cost 10 times as many quanta. However, as the supply of item n increases due to more resources being in circulation, its value drops, so in the end it all balances out. yes, that was a bit redundant, but i just wanted to make that concept very clear. because of it, civilization in DU will advance, simultaneously fueling the need for more technology to be “developed” and keeping NQ’s employees employed.

  2. Its not currency that should  be limited, it’s currency divided by the number of players. if with every player that enters the game, new currency is added (most likely by means  of a starting amount), then the currency keeps its value and inflation or deflation is prevented. This is of course only true if market bots don’t delete resources but resell them.

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