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  1. I'm a long time EVE Online player but quit after CCP lost their minds during the blackout madness and cyno changes a few months ago  (I know most of you reading this will have no idea what that means).

    Over the past year, I've put in about 1,700 hours into Space Engineers and also dabbed with No Man's Sky, Elite Dangerous, etc.  I guess the purpose of mentioning those things is that I'm a big sci-fi fan and really want to sink my teeth into a MMO with a space setting, and the Voxel-style gaming and building is really fun with Space Engineers, but server stability is almost always awful and the lack of meaning after awhile on a single server really makes playing stale. 


    I'm very skeptical  with this title in particular because of all the setbacks and never ending bug fixes, crashes, lag, and general un-playability with Star Citizen that also touted all this new, cool stuff in a "unheard and unmatched vision for a space MMO" but want to remain hopeful because of the obvious potential it has.
    When I listen to the podcasts available and updates on YouTube from the Dev's, it is what it clearly is meant to do which is to give updates and answer questions, with a side of up-selling by being positive and enthusiastic which is pretty effective and elaborating maybe on the road-map and current state, but I've stopped giving in to the salesman talk.  It still works in some way I guess, because that's why I am here making this post.  So I guess the answers here from players will determine my decision if I buy or not and how much I'd be willing to spend.

    Straight to the questions if the passage above is tl;dr

    Since I think I am limited to certain question because of the existing NDA players agree to, I'll try my best and keep it short.  If I ask something you don't think you can answer (idk exactly how NDA's work) just strike the text.



    • How well is server stability and simulation speeds, since everybody is building on 1 mega server?

    I have a pretty beefy computer, so my PC well exceeds to minimum requirements listed.



    • Has the game already gotten to a point where you have little to no chance of 'making it' with a brand new organization? Should brand-new players start looking immediately for an organization, similar to how you should look for corporations in EVE asap for that illusive fun-per-hour?




    • I fully understand this is an alpha and being developed, but are there bugs that have existed for far too long? i.e specific static blocks (maybe a battery or something equivalent) not working as intended, falling through floors, rubberbanding with particular surfaces, etc


    • For someone who has been playing MMO's and PC games in general for maybe 15 ish+  years, which pack is most recommended? I know that's sort of a hard-to-answer-question, but from the perspective of:  I'd hate to get the US-$60 pack and say to myself "dang, I should've got the one with the STU".





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