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Automated Mining

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1) They expect us to take a long time just getting into space so I doubt that it will take just a few sessions to get to a point where you can make nearly everything, at least in the beginning


3) I would agree but we don't know if they plan on doing resources resets for the arkzone or what their plan is so we will have to wait and see. As all players will be starting on the same planet the area around the arkship could become drained of resources quickly (or not they are large planets) so they may have some way of renewing the resources every so often.

1) I just pulled a hovecar as a ramdom example -- whatever personal transport is appropriate for the given world-tech level (do we start with bikes? can they be hover bikes?) can (and should) one new player be able to do it on their own within a couple hours of gameplay.


3) Thats why I suggested a plant (farms! renewable) based construction polymer (refining!). It is low grade so it is useless for spaceships, but you can build your first house or simple vehicle out of it.

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