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Hi, first time on the forums here and had a few questions to throw out there. In regards to planets and moons following an actual orbital path. I noticed this topic was briefly talked about at the beginning of this thread, but that was years ago and I just wanted to touch on one of the key strategic reasons that this game mechanic would be interesting. So for example, in real life when we want to send a rocket to Mars, we wait until the Earth and Mars are in closest position to each other. This obviously saves on fuel, time, risk, etc etc. So, I can imagine similar situations in the game world. A player deciding if they want to spend the extra money, time, fuel, risk, to fly to a planet/moon which is not currently in it's closest position. Or do something else while waiting for the planets/moons to line up. I realize this isn't going to be a priority right now, I'm mainly just curious about the potential for implementing it.

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