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Hello, I am a fan of the concept of this game. I want to know if you are inspired by games like eve online. you have very similar features like wars, politics, and player based economy. Will it be like that but with first person action and crafting? Thank you much if you respond and good luck with this game!

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I would suggest you read the Dev blogs here:



You questions are mostly answered in there and it is a good place to start to get an idea of the game. . But in short. 


Yes, eve online was an inspiration, as well as Minecraft. Those were the primary 2 given but theres a host of others. 


There can be wars if you choose, there can be politics, there will be a player driven economy like eve. 

As for wars and politics, that is up to the players. It is emergent game play, driven by what players want to do. There is no set 'corporation' and 'alliance' structure like eve. Instead there is a tag system that allows you to assign rights, duties, salaries, usage fees, and a host of other things. With the tag system you can create any form of orginization you want, weather it be democracy or a dictatorship. The relevent dev blogs are here:






As for First person, there will be first person, and hopefully third person view as well. Everything will be voxel based, meaning the terrain will be destructible and mineable. All ships and builds you build will be construct made of voxels. Additionally there will be mesh based components that add functionality to your construct if you choose. If you have played Space Engineers or Planet Explorers, you will have an idea of how the system will work. 

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