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DevBlog: LUA Scripting and Distributed Processing Units (DPUs)

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I guess you plan on being a loner without friends or an organisation that you can delegate to keep your building running, right?


You can always do an AirBnB on your buildings, ren them for the period you are on vacation, or hire people to look after them on your stead. Pay them with DACs or whatever.


I at least, will be having some friends of mine to look after my crib when I'm offline. Or even better, I won't even build a base somewhere. It's not a mandatory thing to have a home in the game, you can always roll as a space nomad. The only thing you need is renting parking spots.


Oh please, like you have any friends!




OK so the planetary defense systems will require someone to be online and in the chair, more or less.  This is a great reason to require two-seaters, because one of your folks could lose their connection (or their spouse could start demanding attention) and your space fort will just go dead.  But what if that connection goes dead before there's a handoff?  Will there be a way to test that the script will start executing on the second-in-command's client?  And when you go online will you appear at your station or do you have to move there from a spawn point?  I can see in a big ship with a crew of several hundred, each division would probably want it's own spawn point so you don't have to spend 10 minutes going through corridors when you report for duty.

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