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On 5/25/2015 at 11:28 AM, NQ-Nyzaltar said:

Hi Astrov,


For those who will feel a bit lost with the Tag possibilities, there will be generic default tag configurations.

A player that don't want to dive in these game mechanics won't be forced to do so, in order to stay user-friendly.

But yes, the tag system will go further than the RDMS. For example, it will be possible to set some automatized defense systems to shoot at intruders, based on the tags they have (or don't have). It will also be possible to customize visual markers (based on tags) on players you meet in-game. And this will be only visible to the player who put the visual marker, of course. Welcome to Augmented Reality (and lots of opportunities for emergent gameplay).  :)

Although i am no fan of reposting old items, the devlogs are in my vision not outdated unless NQ states so, therefore i have a question:

Is this system still in place for development? and how about the automatized defense that is writen about here?

The reason for asking is because we are setting up pre-security plans for the City and being able to use this system will make a big difference on the number of people who are needed to have a 24/7 defence grid oreational.

Also it answers some questions i have seen lately in several different forum posts.

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