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Hello dear children,


Ignoring that supremely disturbing greeting, I'd like to introduce myself, Astrophil. I was never really a hardcore gamer, and although I have tried out quite a wide variety of games, none ever really drew me in. Then I stumbled upon this fascinating concept of a game, namely, the lovely Dual Universe, that seemed to have everything that I thought was ever missing from any other MMO. So here I am to introduce myself (hello!) and I look forward to playing with everyone :)


On a side note, Star Wars is a major part of my life (perhaps Doctor Who too, but that's beside the point) and so I have been inspired to start my very own Trade Federation in Dual Universe. Perhaps this one won't be quite as corrupted, but who knows...


Anyhow, enjoy your day, and hope to get to know some of you.

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Hi Astrophil90!


Nice to see a new face :)

We hope you'll find what you seek in Dual Universe.

And about building a Trade Federation... Well you will have the tools to make it. That will be completely up to you ;)




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Am I late to the party?


Hello and welcome there Astrophil!!!


I love my Star Wars, hopefully as you said, you Trade Federation doesn't go corrupt like in the series... hehe!!!

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