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Mining Skills in VR

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I got the impression from somewhere that they'd always intended MU skills to be available when telepresent. Of course it makes no more sense than for any other skill for MU Talents to be active via robot, but hey, maybe it's another Universe...

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i completely agree, the  talents available via VR should be still in effect for calibrating, calibration bonus and collecting surface ore, that way, even a solo player would have at least some chance to generate a reasonable income by spending time in vr to work on the calibrations of his Mining units. Instead those, that before flew to their remote tiles once every couple of weeks, just to spent their calibrations to get some ore supplies now need to find a new income source. but not everyone is a builder and not everyone likes to run missions or become a pirate. as there are to few possibilities to earn quanta in this game, the change to calibrations did cut off a huge number of players from their only income source. this creates frustration and drives players away from this game. So i suggest as well to NQ to consider this change. ( i gave the same feedback to them last week as well..)

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