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Resources and Items lost due to crash.


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Have 700 000 quanta.

Crafting stuff in nanopack for M assembler, queue 30 minutes.

lets go do tutorials for few more credits, why not.

Connect to Market Tutorial.

Game crashes.


Actual character is now in tutorials location.

Press on pad.

Character now on north pole.

Quanta is now 73k.

Force respawn.

Inventory lost.

627k quanta lost.


1.0? Full release? 15$ a month? Are you crazy? How could you release this? Literally lost everything by doing tutorial...

Go code WordPress websites, not games, you clearly have no idea what you're doing.



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7 hours ago, Paralen said:

Well... As the devs humbly asked: "Please review the game on Steam!" :D Perhaps they wake up when they see it's negative after first week.

Well, although I connected my steam account, don't have DU in my list yet...  :D

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I'm having a lot of fun I've been lucky not to have this unfortunate error. That being said one of the issues is they didn't realize that weight from all the backer items could cause issues when coming down kind of a hilarious bug. There's going to be a lot of Polish and work needed to be done but hopefully this is the beginning of that finally.



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(I edited the title of the thread for better clarity)
The Dev team is aware of the issue and is working on it.

In the meantime, you can reach out to our Customer Support, explain in details what happened, and they should reimburse the items lost in such situation.


Best Regards,


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  • NQ-Nyzaltar changed the title to Resources and Items lost due to crash.

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