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Misleading talent boost graphic explained

Distinct Mint

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Because the person who created the "Talent Point Booster" graphic either failed statistics or aced marketing (or both), some people are confused as to what the graphic actually means. At best guess it means that:

  • 1 month of 2x talent point gain;
  • 3 months of 1.5x gain;
  • 2 months of 1.25 gain.


Now, why might people be confused at coming to this conclusion? Well ...

  • The x-axis on the graphic is extremely unhelpful/misleading/plain-wrong. November means "start of November" (or just before start of November); February means "start of February" (or just before start of february). However, March either means "end of March" or "a few days before the end of March" (to give exactly 6 months). One means start, the other means end. No wonder you're confused.
  • The only reason we're able to figure the above out is a) because we were told elsewhere (not in the graphic!) that this is a 6 month event. This is not useful! (Yes, we can also look at the relative width of the bars as an extra hint, but see the below point ...)
  • The y-axis is on a completely made up scale. It's not linear. Zero is not at the x-axis. So the height of the "2x" bar is not 1/3 more than the "1.5x" bar, and is certainly not 3/5 more than the "1.25x" bar. This is just plain misleading (i.e. marketing) to make the "2x" bar look much bigger than it actually is.
  • [Edit] Finally, in terms of accessibility, colour-blind people will only see one bar colour here.


This public service announcement brought to you by the Crusade Against Marketing Crap.


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Just now, Aaron Cain said:

Maybe add something about the colors, people with color blindness see only one.

To all those who are colourblind, there are three different colours used in this graph: They have absolutely no relevance to anything.

Just like the magnitude of the Y axis has apparently has no relevance.

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