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Multi-Core Ships: Cores, Blueprints


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There should be a difference between core constructs docked to another bigger core construct, and core constructs built onto another bigger core construct.

Docked constructs can individually be moved with the maneuver tool, but that should NOT be the case with constructs built onto another construct. In the last case, it should be the entire ship that is then being moved.

I suggest to make such a change. Cores built onto the construct of a bigger core (multi-core ships) should automatically behave like any other element and not be detached by the maneuver tool.

I also suggest that making a blueprint of such a multi-core ship should incorporate the entire ship and not just the constructs the player right-clicked on during Build Mode. Such a BP would then, consequently, list the other cores and their honeycombs and elements, too.

Make it so.

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