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pvp balancing voxel and HP parts


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We discussed about the pvp, especially with some legion and other player. and we make the following proposition:

- Adding voxels would increase the hit points of the shield.
- 10,000 M3 of mandatory voxel for an L ship, 5,000 M3 of mandatory voxel for an M ship, etc...
- have a minimum of voxel CSS to maintain the structure of the ship for a role play side of physics.

Our concern being that ships without voxels have a much lower cross section and are therefore more difficult to hit and therefore have a better chance of winning the fight.

We are also campaigning to increase the HP of elements, especially weapons. because an L weapon with 5,000 HP is just ridiculous, while a large antenna has 100,000 HP...

thank you

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En mettant une condition préalable de 10 000 M3 pour un noyau L et une condition préalable de 5 000 M3 pour un noyau M, il serait logique de construire des navires qui ont des formes de navires et non une pile d’éléments.

Comme Dual Universe est également un jeu de construction, les créatifs seront heureux de fournir des vaisseaux élégants aux joueurs PVP. Après, il y aura sans aucun doute des joueurs qui ne veulent pas s’ennuyer et qui feront un cube, mais ce sera une petite minorité.

L’UA doit apporter le côté créatif à la construction spatiale. De nombreux joueurs PVP préfèrent jouer dans de beaux vaisseaux.

Alors s’il vous plaît faites quelques ajustements pour empêcher tout type de navire sans voxels d’avoir une chance de gagner un combat 1v1.

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The whole "make voxel alter shield hp" thing has been requested for a while, and I still support it.

"Mandatory Minimum Voxel" would just be annoying, as someone who is designing a ship that is forced to use an up-sized core for length/width/height on a ship that is abnormally long in only one dimension would then need to potentially find places to hide the extra voxel that wouldn't mess with their design. People use M/L cores the way they do because weapons are size-capped, shields let them not get instantly destroyed, CCS makes large armor-buffers pointless, and and the new weight-speed cap has made voxel detrimental to faster ships.


Generally speaking, those people willing to fly element-only-needles probably don't care about looks, odds are they'd clip a solid block of sodium/lithium voxel through the middle of their ship's elements and call it good if there was a minimum voxel requirement. If you want these people to fly proper ships with voxel when they shoot at you then you'd need to provide them a "why not" scenario, such as making voxel below a certain "decorative minimum" not apply its weight/ccs/cross-section to the rest of the ship.


If you want people to fly proper ships in general without just bludgeoning them with silly arbitrary immersion-breaking rules (like core-size-capped weapons or weight-speed-cap) then more natural mechanics are required.
-Shields increase a ship's cross-section or reduce acceleration/top-speed when active (proportionate to shield-generator size? these things already ignore physics so who knows...),

-Add heat/power in to the game requiring large solar-panels/radiators be affixed to a ship's exterior sufficient to handle the needs of the elements on a ship,
-Make a ship's maximum possible acceleration some function of its weight and CCS (can't hit 20g if the structure fails and the ship folds in half at 10g).

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