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A FOOL'S DEFENSE: PTS EVENT - discussion thread

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Haha challenge accepted. Now where is my pvp ship? Wait.. I have none... let's build (and prolly lose) one!


Ps love this!

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 I shall revel in this succulent win, for I- have bested you NQ... I have destroyed your Fools Defense.  Also have video if this win is challenged :D I stayed up all night for this, having planned to load my ship up at 2am locally when the PTS was supposed to go live.. had planned to go to bed... to login 4 hours later for the event... but due to server troubles... didn't happen... and... well, no sleep confirmed. So I'm hibernating after this post, can't get me on April fools day if I sleep through it!

TIL: Naming my ship "Not JC Ballie" and "Not NQ Pann" in honor of leadership past.... lead to fleets attacking me... I had thought this designator of "Not" would suffice in letting people know I am NOT JC Ballie and NOT NQ Pann.... but alas, for I was attacked mercilessly by those I was trying to help in battle!

Upon changing my ships name, and getting back in to the field after a shield recharge I was able to land the killing blows against NQ's citadel station while Empire's Lovoda carried out his vendetta against the leadership of Serenity in their new... war or whatever it is.... Lovoda proceeded to take a proud selfie with Serenity's partially blown up ship to celebrate the cementing of their new relationship. I approve; you two are adorable together ❤️ 

Shout out to Legion: zergs gonna zerg. Also shout out to Habitant, we both got the final blow... we both?! won!?!!! but imma highlander you when they add AVA, so I can and absorb your kill sharing powers. I'd like to also thank the academy, and apologize to Chris Tucker for the slap he never endured at the 1997 Emmy's when Jackie Chan couldn't understand the words coming out of his mouth. Oh and thank you J.C. Ballie for that one time he liked a tweet of my ship..... *hey why is the mic getting softer and music playing?!*

Happy April Fools ;) #stilltruetho


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On 3/25/2022 at 11:33 AM, DarkHorizon said:

Taking bets right here, how long do yall think NQ will last?

If they keep doing what they are doing and want two

launch with the game as it is I give the game  one year tell it is taken off line 

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