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A fix for DU's server cost issue. NQ gets paid for the data load. Proof of useful work blockchains.

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"Proof of useful work" blockchains are a alternative to Bitcoin and other blockchains proof of work security validation. 

The crypto industry is currently looking for games just like DU with high calculation and server loads to do what's called "Proof of useful work". 

Proof of work ( not useful work) is where a blockchain is secured through doing crazy high numbers of calculations to solve crypto puzzles. Thats all proof of work does, solve crypto puzzles. 

Proof of "Useful" work is where we take this same system that secures blockchains and then make those useless calculations into something useful. Like running a game server or a deep learning program, AI ect. 

https://fluxofficial.medium.com/flux-will-pioneer-the-first-proof-of-useful-work-blockchain-adc72605cc14#:~:text=Proof of useful work (PoUW,problems rather than random ones.&text=With the PoUW concept%2C no,is put to good use.

Flux is currently looking for games and other situations where there's tons of data movement and computation. DU fits this perfectly.

NQ would get paid to run their servers through flux. The hardware is supplied via the FLUX miners and not NQ.

Dev's I beg you, before you ruin this game. Look into this. This will solve your long term server issues and gets you in the door to the knowledge that the crypto engineers and coders have. Not to mention the 10s of thousands of people in crypto who are BIG into Metaverse games. I am well connected in the crypto space. I am available to consult on this. With DU's best interests in mind. 


Ive got over 2500 play hours atleast. 

Edit: realized I posted this on my alt. My main is LeeRoyINC

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Eh, no.


You can't just "move the game to the blockchain" -- that's not at all how this works. These techs are hardly proven -- even the games flux lists on their website aren't officially integrated, they're just community servers run on the platform (and not MMOs, so hardly a valid example) 


It would be monumentally stupid for NQ to waste the years it would take recoding their project to work on unproven tech. 


I interviewed for a massive NFT game...and they run on AWS. Not everything blockchain runs off decentralized systems because decentralized systems aren't always better. 


Flux is hardly a good deal. They require collateral to run their not-very-powerful nodes. 40k Flux for their best node (once prices reduce in 2022, it's 100k now) means over $60,000 upfront for one measly node.


For unproven tech. That doesn't come close to replacing DU's entire stack. That pays rewards back in "flex", which is volatile by nature. 


It would cost NQ millions between up-front costs and massive, massive code rewrites. And again it couldn't replace their entire stack.


So no, this is a bad idea on every front. 

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None of this works to benefit the game, it works to benefit the blockhain and the people who are using the game to their benefit in that context. It does _nothing_ for the playerbase nor for the game itself. It's just a parasitic realtionship that only really benefits the parasite.


The day DU moves to blockchain and/or introduces NFT is where I get off.


Frankly, NQ employing a freelance "Gaming NFT advisor" is a big concern for me in that respect

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2 minutes ago, blazemonger said:

Frankly, NQ employing a freelance "Gaming NFT advisor" is a big concern for me in that respect


Especially since said "advisor" doesn't strike me as technically-minded...not going to apologize for throwing shade at cryptobros. Very common that they don't really understand the tech they preach. ?‍♂️


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Usually when there's a gold rush, the people mining that gold aren't frantically, desperately, screaming "look gold! who wants some gold? come get this free gold!"


If that doesn't make you a little suspicious, then i think there's a place right at the bottom of the pyramid, just for you.


Buy the dip! lol


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