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On 1/29/2022 at 1:50 AM, Leppard said:

some thoughts about this change from the perspective of a builder:

I have 4 accounts, 2 are paid and 2 on alpha/beta keys. With maxed out skills i could maintain 168 cores under the proposed changes.

1. Currently i'm holding around 25 tiles with mining units, that makes 25 cores alone - if mining units would work like territory scanners (3 on one core can scan 3 different tile) icould easily half that count.

2, I have a runway consisting of more than 20 cores - if there were cores that have other dimensions than a L-cube (not 511³ =133,432,831voxels) - let's say 2500x1000x50 (125,000,00 voxel) i would only need 1 or 2 cores instead of 20 to build a runway, a street or a bridge


Please use more intelligent ways to reduce the amount of cores needed than simply take them away from the players, you will kill creativity and piss on the work and effort many have already put in this game.


It's been said that it's not the actual number of cores that's the problem but the amount of data.
So by allowing you to keep the amount of information while reducing the number of cores does not fix the problem.

NQ have no money. they can't afford to stream our data to us every time we go to MP6... Thus they need to reduce the amount of data in existence and the easiest way to do that is detail limits and core limits.

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7 hours ago, Zarcata said:

The problem is that both types of core are visible and must therefore be calculated.
It would make more sense if you could store your dynamic constructs in a ship menu, including image preview and evaluation. When you need it, you click on it to activate it and it is put in front of you. All other ships are parked in this menu "like in a garage".

The same can be done with voxel libraries, a menu where I can help myself when I need something. This also saves having lots of constructs standing around.


Yeah NQ seems to be on a crusade to abancon and set expectations htat if you dont actually use something you will lose it if you dont touch it in like 2 weeks.


Problem is with having to run MUs, run around collecting it from various place and then selling it, having to sell it again if it get undercut, tearing down things, and all that its like even if you jump all the hoops just to hit that 80 core minimum if you are already T5 in org core counts your likely going to forget to touch one of your constructs since it only counts the owner and still lose things.


I am with you on the idea that everything does not need to be out all the time and storage or compacting needs to be an option if im just going to keep losing my constructs. 


And since NQ wont give easy options to strip cores down to store then rather than manually taking it apart element by element or chunks of voxels in 32x32 pieces its a hassle and a half to begin with and compacting it down in some kind of golden/silver type blueprint that has everything you can just spawn back at will if not something that just strips everything easily would be nice.


If they need to make it harder for salvagign or whatever just make it so that if you own it you can strip it, if you dont then you take it apart piece by piece. If you can fit it in a 10 link XLE constainer the you can strip it instantly or it just strips it as fast as it can or whatever, it just needs to be streamlined.


NQ has the tools for that or like things such as the clean dirt within cores but its apparently too good for players seeing as digging manually and creating more surfaces, microvoxel artifacts, and more faces is best for the game rather than add/remove teravoxels from your core or being able to paste in anything more than 32x32 when at the same time we can instantly drop whole cores at once via bps makes no sense in the grand sceme of things.



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So many people have left because of the lack of content. NQ has decided that instead of creating more things to do, they will focus on making them not come back.


There's no incentive to come back because all your stuff will be gone and they can't even rebuild it because they won't have enough construct slots.


Great job!

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