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Mining Unit: production rate calculation, reported as bug


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Given numbers:

Base rate (B): 123 L/h

Efficiency (E): 113 %

Adjacency (A): 110 %

Calibration (C): 100 %

In game calculated production rate (P): 152,89 L/h

Gained ore volume after one hour (V): 304 L


Ok, so my first calculation of the production rate was with the formula:


B * E * A * C = P

123 * 1,13 * 1,10 * 1 = 152,89 L/h


and seems to be how the game is calculating the production rate too as it is the same as is shown in the UI. But why do I then get 304 L of ore in the container?


I found another post in the forums where someone stated that the formula should be:


B * ( E + A ) * C = P

123 * ( 1,13 + 1,10 ) * 1 = 123 * 2,23 * 1 = 274,29 L/h


and that is much closer to the ore volume that I actually do get in the container, but not close enough.


I have tried different calculations with the Extracting efficiency talents included but I can't get that to work either.


So the question remains, how do you calculate the production rate?

And not to get the value shown in the UI but the actual value that adds to my container.

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304 L after the first deposit ?  you sure on that ? cos that 2 deposits from 2 miners?

maybe you had 2 miners going with the same numbers ?


Because the amount that gets added to your container is changing all the time due to the Current Calibration, in short

the Rate is dropping after 48 hours


so just to get the production shown in your screen shot its this..


Base Rate plus the Adjacency multiplied by the Efficiency

with your numbers thats


123L  + 10% (12.3) adjacency


so 123 + 12.3 = 135.3 L


then 135.3 L multiplied by the efficiency of 113%


135.3 L x 113% = 152.889 L


then apply the current calibration of 100%


using your letters

((B+A) x E) x C = P

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That's just it. Those 304 L of ore is from only one batch, one hour, from one mining unit (a separate container just for testing this). And it's within the first 48 hours so without decreased production rate, wich would have lowered the amount even more. I know that is the known calculation and also what sums up with NQ's numbers, but it's not what I get in the container. Ofcourse I'm happy to get more than double the amount but I would like to be able to calculate the Volume I'm supposed to haul back from each tile. Now I calculate, double it and guess any extra to calculate how many warp cells I need to collect the ore but it fails time after time.

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Same here . Half of my MUs produce double the amount of the other MUs which is not justified because the rate is almost the same. Of course with same buffs and calibrations.

So it is maybe a bug.

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