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Going through the written discord Q&A session for Dual universe


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currently uploading the video, 

Right now the new player experience is bad. Is it by design that new players have to farm surface rocks to the extent it is at, right now? 

NQ Sesch
We are working on a brand new first time user experience, it is in the roadmap but will be released next year. It will be more adapted to the recent changes to the game.

Lower tier ore prices appear to be plummeting. Is NQ monitoring prices? Do you think this is related to the huge increase in availability of asteroids and T1-T3 ore in the safe zone? 

NQ Wave
Yes we are monitoring prices. We expected variations around the ore prices since the balancing has changed a lot in Demeter, with the removal of underground mining and the addition of MU. We will definitely look at the evolution of markets in the coming weeks & months, and decide if this is bad or good news.  

what you want those people, especially miners, who were mining under earth for hours and hours a day (they had fun i would guess), to do now when only passive mining is avaiable? (exclude asteroids cause of the effort...and low outcome)
What you do with the older players who are not active fome some weeks?? Right now and for the future in Beta or even out of Beta, will they all just loose their complete properties what they built up in hundreds of hours of work? 

We understand that for those people that were mining a lot in the underground, that we took away a significant amount of your play time. Unfortunately we made this decision for reasons outside of pure game design concerns. While you specify that asteroid mining is potentially an activity that you may not want to engage in, that is for now, the best option if you are looking to rapidly access ore. In the future we add more mining activities, or expand on mining in general. For the people that are not currently active in the game, we have tried to communicate in advance that things are changing with this expansion and that its something that they may want to look at. Unfortunately we cannot permanently pause these sort of updates. 

Harvesting ore stones (that are spawned after calibrating mining units) requires players to hold the left mouse button a lot. For some players this causes wrist and/or finger pain/discomfort. Could surface ore harvesting be made more ergonomic? Mining tool had an auto-mine mode (toggled with the middle mouse button). Perhaps the harvest tool could have this mode too? 

We heard the problem, and are already working on a solution to make harvesting more ergonomic.You can expect this to come relatively soon. 

What you do with the older players who are not active fome some weeks?? Right now and for the future in Beta or even out of Beta, will they all just loose their complete properties what they built up in hundreds of hours of work? 

As for your second point, yes, inactive players will lose ownership of their territories. There is a grace period of about 4 weeks after Demeter if they want to come back. We are planning to send emails to players but I don't think we can send emails to inactive players who have opted out of our email list. We will be communicating more on the fact that they will lose ownership soon, but yeah ultimately they will. 

What aspects did you consider when setting the tax value of 1m quanta per week? 

The tax is balanced mainly in regard to the amount of ore you can mine from a tile, and how much quanta you are sure to get if you sell this ore (even to bots). A tile is always worth it, as long as you can maintain the mining units calibration. A random low-quality tile gives 500L/h of tier 1, that sells for 
500 * 24(hours in day) * 7 (days in week) * 24 (quanta/liters) = 2M quanta a week, not counting : adjacency bonus, quality of the tile, extracting rocks, talents, etc. 

Will the foundation created with the new surface mechanics be extended to other mechanics that were announced such as space anomaly farming, or will take a different shape? 

Certainly, yes. The Demeter’s mechanics will be prolonged in the features to come. But this will be another topic 

What was the goal of VR limitation for Aphelia mission ? Actualy it give a huge advantage to multi account player (that just log alt when ship arrive on mission spot), VS solo player or team player that was mutualise missions on 1 ship. 

Ok there’s a couple things to answer here. On the subject of alts, it has to be understood that it is complex to differentiate players from alts. We strive for our systems to be resistant to abuse in general and make no real difference between players and alts. If something can be an issue with alts, then it is also potentially an issue with players. As to the change specifically, this was a global change because mission rewards were initially balanced around what a single player was able to achieve. We knew it was possible to group up multiple packages but under-estimated the outcome, especially with the free beta keys. While alts exposed this issue to an extent, we also didn't love the idea of people regularly VR’ing around the universe to pick up and deposit missions while actively doing other activities. It felt a little cheap and easy. If you have strong feelings about needing VR missions the way they were before, I'm happy to hear that as well, but keep in mind that it is likely that any measures taken to hurt alts, will also likely hurt players. 

Johnny Tazer
With all the new mining units coming in, with Detemer, when can we see the nebula removed and a more space skybox returned like the one in alpha? As majority agree the nebula looks like a college intern did it inbetween bong rips. Thank you for your time. 

We do have plans to change the nebula yes, as it is too green in particular. We hope to make a better one though we won't go back to the one in alpha. The idea is to make a more neutral one since it gives the color to space / night 

Can we Magic BP/Soft Wipe Alioth? (best tiles are mostly unused by people no longer playing.) 
Make it where Sanct TU can be moved? 
Make Sanct tile resources uniform/identical (100L-200L) of every T1 resource pool?


Taxes and territory becoming unclaimed should fix that. If those players are not playing anymore, at Demeter + 4 weeks their tiles will be unclaimed and you’ll be able to claim them. 
Not right now, but if it becomes necessary, it's something we could look at. 
We are looking at it, it is very probably something we will do, as soon as possible. We will surely have a small variation, but with a minimum of 100l/h for each tier 1 ore 

Wizard (forum)
Will there be an ability to group territories and pay taxes for a group at once? It's very annyoing to deposit quanta for each territory when you have a lot of them. 

Yes, this could be a QOL improvement we can consider for the future, but there is no set date for that. 

Wizard (still on the forum)
Can we have an option to not publicly display territory names to other players? I have a lot of territories claimed for auto-mining, and I want them to be organized in my tax-screen, but I don't want to let other people know what I have on my territories by clicking on it on the map and seeing a territory name. 

Same as above, it could be something that we add in the future and we understand it would add quality of life in your case, but we wouldn't be able to give you an exact date or even an approximate timeframe. 

Opux (wall of text before questions)

How do you feel about the current balance of weapon types and core sizes?

What is the current balancing process? Have you considered consulting members in the community who are active in this area? 

Have you considered making the weapons different beyond just the numbers? e.g. lasers do extra damage to shields, but much less to core stress. Or railguns punch long, small holes through ships instead of just being another, slightly different sized, sphere? 

Given the main barrier for using other weapon sizes is the range, have you considered making the range of all sizes of weapons the same (or nearly the same), with only cone, tracking, damage, and cross section hit ratio changing between the sizes? A railgun should pretty much always outrange a cannon; it shouldn't matter how big or small they are at the scales we deal with in game. This would bring the cost of building an entry level pvp ship down immensely and much more people would be willing and able to take part. 

4 rails plz. This one isn't a question; the current fitting requirements make no sense. 

You’re right on a lot of these points, and it’s something we are looking at. Specifically there are going to be changes to max speeds in various ways and we’re hoping to address a lot of these issues with those changes. I won't go too much into detail on all the changes but the idea that smaller lighter ships can be faster than larger heavier ones is something we’re on, with everything that implies and some extra goodies. As to your questions ill give you quick dirty answers: 

Not satisfactory, it's something we want to improve and give smaller ships more purpose.

I read most feedback that comes my way, and I had read most of this earlier as I assumed you had posted it somewhere. 

Yes we’ve considered it, we think theres larger problems before we attack that and have to pick and choose what to do first. 

Yes this is also something we’ve considered, and is definitely an avenue if we continue to have difficulty making smaller ships (and weapons) useful. We just have to have a good global view of how that will work. 

Ill look into it. 

Would you consider allowing the Miner Calibration efficiency talent to work through VR. MU Calibrations are turning out to suck all the life out of the game. It's turned into a 2nd job. 

The design of surrogates is that there is a tradeoff between doing stuff in person and doing it through surrogates. This tradeoff is handled by the fact that surrogates don’t have talents. It applies to PvP, mining units, industries, piloting, etc. Note that mining calibration can be done by other players, and you can organize yourself with your organization and your friends so that you don’t have to traverse the universe to calibrate your mining units. Through RDMS, you can calibrate other people’s mining units, and we expect organizations and groups of players to “trade” those calibration charges. 

-There is confusion about requistioning cores on abandoned tiles. Can DYNAMIC cores be requistioned on tiles that become abandoned or is it just stactic cores? -Can you create a new UI screen that can list all owned MUs in a list that shows their performance (like you did with tiles and tax) so we can see at a glance which MU's calibrating? 

To clarify: Only Static constructs can be requisitioned, and only if the territory owner does not own the static construct. 

Has the new voxel tech had the desired impact in terms of COGS or should we expect more investment in this space? 

oooh yes. The DB size is very significantly reduced, and the cost that goes with it. So yeah it achieved its goal, indeed 

Was the limiting of VR missions the first step in the revamp of the Aphelia missions? Currently the missions are "abused" by people with alt accounts to generate billions of quanta mostly due to their predictable and static nature. Will those missions ever be made dynamic or changed in such a way that they are generated procedurally? 

We think we already replied to this question higher up in the thread, if not please let us know how it wasn't answered 

Jake Arver
Why are effects in game so overdone and unnatural looking in many cases. Few example; The "dust cloud" created by the flattening tool is way overdone and too thick. The new shield effect is way to strong the same way. Suface harvestables look like they were hijacked from Candy Crush. The warp "starfield" is way to pronounced and "present" (old one yes, but still..) Please dial effects back, there is no need to show off all these bright colors and they really deface the game IMO 

It's always a work-in-progress. We keep improving the effects, some of them already are in the second version and some of them are just in their first iteration. Even though it's not always front-and-center in the patch notes we have an ongoing effort of VFX improvements. Granted, we started fairly late our work on in-game VFX so there's still work to do. It's also a fairly subjective topic, someone may like a VFX that someone else will hate. 

It takes over a week to get all your mining units calibrated close to 100% and be at the point where you only try to keep them there. After a week of absence however you would have to start over again. Weekend players don’t even have to bother getting mining units. Do you think DU is a game for casuals, RP players, weekend warriors and others who are not playing in a regular profit oriented way? 

Mining units do not have to be calibrated to 100 percent constantly or be perfectly optimized to turn a profit after territory tax. Players can play at their own pace and logging in once a week should be enough to keep your mining units at a reasonable level and making money. We don't expect you to calibrate your Mining Units every day. Now if you’re looking to maintain 5 to 6 territories, and achieve the most profitability, that may require you to log in more than once a week. 

There is confusion about requistioning cores on abandoned tiles. Can DYNAMIC cores be requistioned on tiles that become abandoned or is it just stactic cores? 

Requisition is only possible with statics. 

So now that ore bots have become an integral part of gameplay, are there any plans to fix the economy so we wont need them at some point? 

Bots are actually here to make the economy work. We monitor the sinks and faucets in the game, and ore buying is a significant money faucet, and selling schematics is a big sink. We don’t want to get rid of those. The third type of bots orders is that bots sell basic small elements and fuel. Selling elements is intended for newcomers. As for fuel, this is something that could be changed if needed. We monitor prices and market activity and look at that. 

How are players notified about construct requisitions? What about players with expired subscriptions can they expect an email warning? 
As I explained above we can only email players who have subscribed to the mailing list, or active players. 

You will not be getting an email when your construct is being requisitioned though, it will be done in game as soon as you log in. Keep in mind that players have 2 weeks after their construct is being requisitioned, which comes after the period for not paying taxes etc. So it's a succession of phases that span over weeks before the construct is being requisitioned.

Is there going to be a wipe of all things at the release of the game ? Specific Quanta , Constructs or anything else ? 

We explained several times that a partial is on the table and actively discussed internally (like... actively). The prime idea being to reset the economy if we can, following all the changes of the beta. But we also understand that the time players have invested in the game is precious, hence the intense debate internally. We will announce our plans in due time, we're just not at a point where we can do that right now.

Is it possible to take the gambling factor out of the mining unit system? It is always a risk factor that you cannot influence and for some areas it is then a question of the profitability of ores and taxes. 
We designed the mini game so that it is more skill based than luck based, but there is indeed some luck involved. We do believe that some luck is a good thing in such a system. Also, there is a risk/reward mechanic, where you might accept an “average” extracting so that you keep some battery and a normal calibration bonus. 
Is it possible to enable all skill points of the MiningUnits via VR. Again, it is a nonsensical calculation if you have to fly your fields and thus spend a lot of time and fuel to calibrate these MiningUnits to get an economic return. 
see above, answering streamsniper
At the moment a lot of Quanta is taken out of the game by taxes, at the same time the VR restriction on missions prevented Quanta from coming into the game in sufficient quantity. Is this really the way it is meant to be? 
We are monitoring quantas sinks and faucets. Before Demeter, there were too many faucets and too few sinks. We added a new sink (TU fees) and reduced a faucet (Missions). Balancing those is totally something that is possible in the future, but we think we went in the good direction, as we believed there was too much currency in game before Demeter. 
It seems to discourage a lot of players from logging in to pay their taxes. Frustration has arisen among many players, some are moving back to Sanctuary and some are simply leaving the game and cancelling their subscriptions. Wouldn't it be enough if the headquarters (HQ) could also be exempt from tax and at the same time be used for industries? This would certainly make a positive difference for many players. 
We could consider that Industry Units could work on Headquarter territories if that was a pain point. 

Territory warfare - how and when? Will we see a removal of taxes once territory warfare kicks in and we see player led nations/safezones take over the role that the current safezone has? 

So as explained we're not here to answer questions about the future plans and the roadmap, we hope to do that early 2022 with an updated roadmap 

Are there plans for more events to bring players together in PVP space as there were around late 2020. Things such as event ships or asteroids made entirely of one type of ore as an example. Currently interaction in PvP space is almost always a one sided fight, with no real fights between dedicated warships occurring. 

We have plans for more events, yes, though not specifically geared towards PvP. But some of the features that will come in 2022 will help create more opportunities for PvP, yes. More info coming soon on the topic! 

Finding the Content 
Currently the only way to find people to shoot is to either exhaustively search every broadcasted asteroid (either by flying to each one, or leaving an alt there), or sit around at listening posts on the border of mission outpouts and hope for a whale to swim by. The only people who stay at discovered asteroids are newbies; everyone else discovers a bunch and immediately leave each time, then come back later in the week when there are 100+ and there is no way to know if someone is there. The same can be said of flying through the pipe. 
1. Is this the intended way to interact with asteroids? If not, broadcasted asteroids should move a few SU and return to the rumored list if they have not be meaningfully interacted with in a few hours (such that leaving an afk alt there would still cause the asteroid to move and become rumored).
2. Even if you do exhaustively search every asteroid, most of the people show up in throwaway ships and immediately delete any ore through the linked container. It is hours of effort and millions in warp cells and fuel for no reward. Surely this cannot be the intended design. Have you considered making item deletion in pvp space instead spawn an interactable element that contains the items in the game world? This would allow haulers to "drop their cargo".
3. Finding someone in the middle of deep space, if you didn't see them leaving, is essentially impossible. Supposedly "risk vs reward" systems like NPC missions are all reward for no risk, if you spend even 5 minutes thinking about how you fly. Are there plans of adding any long range, but imprecise, detection to the game? 
Again there's a lot here so I’ll stay broad. 
We know we are lacking conflict drivers right now for PvP. Asteroids was never supposed to take the “brunt” of being most of the pvp activity in the grand view of things. We want to keep adding reasons for pvp and have at least one mainly pvp focused activity in the future. In regards to asteroids specifically, we see no issues with miners doing their best to stay safe and avoid being attacked while mining. We didn't budge when Miners asked us to change the broadcast timer, and they’ve adapted to it. Nobody is owed close to perfect knowledge of when an asteroid is being mined or not, nor do miners have to bring valuable ships if they dont need to. Being able to “drop” items is something we’ve looked at, and something that has a lot of technical limitations. This isnt something we’re against from a Game Design Point of view but its not easily done. In regards to long range detection of some form, this is something we’ve considered, and are not against, but there are no plans right now. 

Large air brakes changed the direction, and you asked us to plan our ships accordingly. With the direction for them now facing up vs forward, will that matter in the direction they face on their final iteration? Also, can we sink them into voxels, like we do say retro-rocket brakes, and just allow a small hole to show through to make them valid and we can still make pretty ships? Sorry, most elements are just ugly 

 Right now this is something we are actively investigating/balancing so that it’ll feel good and fair. But we have nothing to communicate right now. 

While the calibration mini-game is definitely more entertaining than the old mining methods, sitting for hours on a mega clicking mindlessly, the process is a bit time consuming and it quickly gets old, mainly waiting on the transition screens. Any thoughts on tweaking the calibration? Maybe remove the transitions or allow us to click through them? 

If the process is too slow, you can always skip the whole mini game to only get the basic calibration, but you lose the potential calibration bonus and the extracting rocks. Skipping animations specifically is a QoL feature we could look at. 

When harvesting the bonus ore, it shows the name as Aluminium, instead of Bauxite, whereas the other 20L ore it shows Bauxite. Why the inconsistency? 

That’s a bug, thanks for pointing it out 

So it's a wrap! As we pointed out we will try to answer more questions in the upcoming days, so if they haven't been answered today they may be in the next few days. Thank you again for being with us!! 

(that was 16 days ago)


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