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I must say I hate Demeter, but it Swings right.


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Take it out of me.

When I heard about the changes upcoming and tried to get into it in time through PTR/PTS and banded together all the worries with playmates about the upcoming changes, Won't change my mind about how risky this move has been from NQ and how much it hurts during the hybrid war period in history to try play this Promise, but it now has really good direction thanks to

Player insane good output of ideas and concepts in game.

Especially in the emerging- recent amazing. AMAZING architecture shipwise and building wise. No other game I know of.


The old has to die from the way of the parade of voxelmancy and innovations player and dev side. This is the Swing of the Harvester.

I hope the game also gets some more flesh around the bones gameplay wise, so that players will see it more as a space civ playground than a curious project/simulation of sorts which it's not but sort of high gaming entertainment form with the allowance for direction to deeper artistic expression and I personally hope that this won't stay the strongest commercial type magnet of players to the game, but it also has a competitive economy, which is the second higher promise, and a very competetive ship pvp at some point. I have not seen the avatar action, but I have personally not high hopes for it with the current setup.


Stressing still again, I hope the talented people won't be depressed, economically or socially to keep playing or at least stay put by the game developmental changes. So I hope that those who have failed, will have their failures erased, but not their accomplishments like having high hopes for the game and trying again, will be purely NOT AT ALL punished, but relived.

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I believe the main thing that will push this game and allow it to stand out from Star Citizen, No Man's Sky, Starbase and Space Engineers is to flesh out the civilization building aspects which have barely been implemented into the current game. Star Wars Galaxies and WURM, games from the early 2000s had more civilization building game mechanics than this game has currently. The dev team chose to focus on mining, building and manufacturing which are very common in many games. I understand these are fundamental to the game design but much of the civilization building mechanic development would be UI and systems design but would add exponential depth to the gameplay experience. I hope into 2022 NQ will pivot to refine current mechanics and implement more organization and territory based mechanics as these are what make the game unique. 

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